Published Fiction

Willow’s dream is to be a full time novelist and voice actor one day. Her first published story is an episodic science-fiction, co-written with Mitch K. Allan and currently airing on Big World Network.

Science Fiction/Fantasy/Action: Humanity is no longer alone, and they’re evolving, as two women struggle to cope with their duties in a new frontier.

Co-written with Mitch K. Allan and serialised by Big World Network.

Synopsis: Since an alien migrant fleet entered the Local solar system human technology has improved, their colonies on Mars have expanded, but their suspicion and reluctance to share resources with the migrant fleet has never abated.

In an attempt at truce, the migrant fleet have agreed to share their DNA with human marine candidates. Those who survive the cellular fusion are now part of a new, space frontier army; trained to kill with a drop of blood.

EVA BUCK is among the newest recruits and her induction into the synth army takes a dangerous turn when her instructor, NENI-LOHI PROUT, does the unthinkable.

Click here to read/listen to Bloodshot Buck now for free!


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