Voice Acting

“Willow’s reading is absolutely divine! My goodness she is so talented! I am very grateful she is the reader to THRALLDOM … Willow captures the characters exactly as they should be, and I couldn’t ask for anything more. What an incredible voice. I could never read the story as well, absolutely magnificent.”
Jamie Haden, author of Thralldom

Willow joined Voice Actors Alliance at sixteen years old and has been involved in a number of projects ever since—some commission based, others voluntary, and some even self-started.

Her most notorious roles have been as Aerith Gainsborough in Final Fantasy Still, a popular YouTube series written by Christian Sekhanan and produced by Still Thinking Films; and Ness’ Mom in Earthbound, an unofficial dubbing project of the 1995 Nintendo game and produced by AngelArts.

Aerith Gainsborough (character featured on the panel of this site)

Ness’ Mom

She was requested to play three different women for the radioplay Bad Lands at RadioWorks, London Maple Street Studios, and was scouted for a fandubridge of Attack on Titan to voice Sasha Braus. 

Most of her voice work has currently been as an audiobook narrator for Big World Network—an online publishing company where she also worked as an associate fiction editor. Utilising tone, pacing, and accents she has engaged listeners with her understanding of voice as a mode of acting. So far she has written and narrated Bloodshot Buck, and narrated:

More than anything, Willow loves dubbing projects, whether it be for games, podcasts, anime, radioplays or anything else of that nature—dubbing characters brings her to life like nothing else can.

Demo Reel


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